Seeking motivated individuals near Summerlin who want to lose 25 pounds or 6% body fat
and kickstart a life long body transformation! 
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Personalized Attention | Expert Coaching | Nutrition Planning
All Skill Levels Accepted - Beginners Welcome
A Guided, No-Fail Path To REAL Weight Loss
Our Free Program Will Help:
  • Burn stubborn fat and get lean and toned
  • Have more energy for you and your family
  • Regain lost confidence and dominate the room
  • Sleep better. Be healthier
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Create results that finally stick
Your spot will be reserved for...
Real Success Stories
What's Included:
  • The Most Efficient Workouts, Anywhere.  With live, in-person training 3x per week, you’ll be led through the workouts that are perfect for your body and your goals. No guesswork, no plateaus, only results.   
  • Meal-Planning Guidance That Works For You. We do the math for you and create an easy-to-cook meal plan that fits your body needs. Best part? You’ll only spend about $45/week on groceries while eating deliciously.
  • Rock Solid Accountability. This is our secret sauce. When you make the change it’s 100% free. Stick to the plan, lose the weight, and keep your money at the end of the day. Your coach will motivate you & your classmates will fuel you across the finish line.
The “Big Catch”
We're looking to build our gym foundation in Summerlin and want to get our names out in the community. So instead of paying $49 to $99 PER HOUR for expert level guidance, you get 6 weeks of help for $0.00. 

Pretty good deal, isn’t it?

We are not going to lie to you.

We plan on using your success story to market our business after the 6-weeks.

We’ve compressed an entire full-body makeover into just a month and a half in order to give you life-changing results as quickly as possible.


The only way this stays free is if you keep it that way. That means no cheating, no backing out, and no excuses.

 Otherwise, the “Free” status on this program is revoked. If you’re the type of person who cheats on their diets or has broken a promise to yourself before...

 (snacks in the car, handfuls from the fridge, a few extra appetizers at the barbecue, etc.)

This is the program that will straighten out your priorities and clear your head by arming you with a thick extra layer of motivation.

Serious Inquires Only.
Your spot will be reserved for...
Ready For Your Body Transformation?
PS: With the FREE 6-Week Challenge, your body will transform, your confidence will skyrocket, and before you know it, you’ll unlock the stronger, healthier, younger “YOU” that’s been trapped for far too long – and when you succeed, you’ll have done it all for FREE

PPS: We keep our classes small to give each attendee the personalized attention they deserve. The downside to this is that classes almost always sell out! Enroll now to maximize your chance of acceptance.
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